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Khan's Tutorial's mission is to increase student test scores & educate for life. Most students attend Khan's after seeing other friends & family succeed through our programs. If you want to improve academically, give us a call today for a FREE class.


Real Reviews from Real Students & Instructors

I can say that attending Khan’s Tutorial Astoria was not a disappointing experience. The tutors there are excellent and do a great job helping their pupils overcome difficult obstacles ranging from homework problems to challenging concepts in a particular subject. The environment there is student-friendly. You’re exposed to everything you need if you require any assistance and on top of all that is the man behind the desk who operates the whole structure with order and discipline. If you want to see your scores in a subject improve... or if you want to get into a particular school really badly, go to Khan’s Tutorial Astoria. They know what they’re doing.
— Yaser H, Student
I recommend Khan’s Tutorial for anyone that wants to improve from their current standard. I started Khan’s for SHSAT test practice, and I found it very helpful. As a student, I always had the same tutors which helped me develop a connection, that went on even when I didn’t go to Khan’s. The manager of Khan’s Astoria Niloy Iqbal is the best manager in all of the branches in the Khan’s franchise. The staff at Khan’s are very helpful. The Khan’s branch is in a way like a close knit society, where every one knows each others name. Along with this Khan’s offers help for all students, from regular homework to SAT prep. The Astoria branch is the an atmosphere where any student can prosper.
— Arin Yasin, Student
Khans is a very excellent tutorial location. They are located all around New York City and have had a bunch of accolades proving their success rate. The staff at Khans are top notch Instructors who have been through tough adversity and many of whom graduated from top tier high schools all over the five boroughs. I advise all students who are in need of tutoring and students who want to be atop of their class to apply to Khans as soon as possible. They tutor kids for all tests and all grades.
— Shads Rahman, Instructor
The environment at Khan’s is very caring and helpful. The teachers are very serious about their work. Fellow peers are always helpful and kind to each other. I improved a lot over the months of taking SAT classes and the credit goes to my teacher. He’s very patient and understanding and the same goes for all the other tutors as well. We have a fun time there as well. All in all, Khan’s is a great place to send your kids to for help and improvement in any particular subject area.
— Tanvir Rahman, Student