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Khan's Tutorial's mission is to increase student test scores & educate for life. Most students attend Khan's after seeing other friends & family succeed through our programs. If you want to improve academically, give us a call today for a FREE class.


The HSAP program will not only prepare you for the SAT, but it will also prepare you for the ACT, SAT II, and Regents. The HSAP program will also provide mentoring for High School students and we will provide tutoring for any classes that they are having trouble in, we will help with homework, and we will help them with tests in school. We will take care of any issues in High School and help them get into the College of their choice.

High School Achievement Program


Why Do families Choose KT?

High School is a challenging time for most students. From keeping up with weekly class exams, standardized tests & term papers, to dealing with long commutes to NYC's top high schools, we've all been there. KT's signature HSAP prepares our students in three ways.

  • We tutor our students in any areas that they need help; this includes regular class exams, mid-terms & finals.
  • We cover all standardized testing needs. HSAP includes prep for your SAT, SAT II, ACT, AP, and Regents exams.
  • We provide academic counseling and mentorship to help our students gain admission to the top colleges of their choice.


How Our Program Works

The High School Achievement Program is one of a kind and takes care of all the needs of our high school students.

Our 4, 6 or 12 month packages include:

  • 2 hours classes twice a week.
  • Small group classes lead by our KT Certified Instructors & Mentors.
  • Daily classwork and homework assignments to ensure they are following along with the material.

benefits families see after Khan's

After Khan's HSAP program, students see improvements across the board.

  • Students see drastic academic improvements in classes and subsequently improvements in report card grades.
  • Students receive better preparation for standardized exams and score better on all exams.
  • Students build strong resumes with the advice of our mentors to gain admission to top colleges.
  • Students receive advice for earning scholarships.
  • Students interact with current college students for the best mentorship experience.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll for KT's Signature Mastering College Admissions Workshops.

Enrollment for the HSAP is year round. This one of a kind program takes care of all of our high school student's needs through weekly meetings with their KT Certified Instructors & Mentors.

Call us today for a FREE HSAP session & tell us your college goals!