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Khan's Tutorial's mission is to increase student test scores & educate for life. Most students attend Khan's after seeing other friends & family succeed through our programs. If you want to improve academically, give us a call today for a FREE class.

Common Core (Pre-SHSAT)

KT's K-6 Common Core program is one of the best in the city. We will help you child succeed in Elementary School and help them lay their first stepping stone down for success.

Common Core

Why DO families Choose KT?

Khan’s Tutorial has helped over 600 students in the past two years gain a perfect score of 4/4 on their common core exams. On average, KT Students score in the top 9th percentile for ELA and top 16th percentile for Math.

At KT we believe in providing the best education possible for our students. Our program covers a range of topics essential for students to do well in school.

Your child's KT Instructor will:

  • Cover the Common Core curriculum for ELA, Math & Writing.
  • Cover any Science, or Social Studies material from school that your child needs.
  • Establish basic fundamentals to ensure a strong foundation for further learning.
  • Prepare students for the Middle School Admissions process.
  • Assist in the transition from Elementary school to Middle school and will build a strong foundation for the SHSAT.

How Our Program Works

Our Summer Common Core program consist of three 2-hour classes each week.

Our program includes:

  • Comprehensive Report cards completed by your child's instructor every month.
  • Common Core Diagnostic exams designed and written by KT's trained Common Core leaders.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences every class to ensure you're involved in your child's learning.
  • Small Group learning to provide your child with the most one to one attention from instructors.
  • Appropriate homework will be assigned for every class which is to be completed by the next class.
  • Assistance will be provided with school exams, homework, & other projects.

Students who attend our program regularly and complete our HW show significant improvement in Math, ELA, and Writing.

  • Students report card grades improve drastically.
  • Students get accepted into accelerated Math and ELA classes.
  • All students that score a perfect score of 4/4 receive an invitation to our Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony.

We prepare our students to master the NYS Common Core Curriculum to ultimately do well on their Citywide and Statewide Examinations.

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